Electric Blankets & Electric Throw Rugs

High Quality Electric Blankets & Electric Throw Rugs

If you’re someone who really feels the cold at night, then an electric blanket or an electric throw rug could be your best friend. Electric blankets and electric throw rugs are very adept at keeping you toasty during the cooler months, are much cheaper than an air conditioner or portable heater, and are much more convenient than wearing 40 jumpers to bed!

Our range of electric blankets and electric throw rugs encompass performance & reliability, they are easy to use, easy to care for, they are wonderful value for money and they aim for overall customer satisfaction.

How do Electric Blankets work?

Electric blankets are placed between your mattress and your sheets and heat up to keep you warm at night. They do this by heating an integrated heating device that spreads the warmth throughout the areas covered. This heat is distributed by carbon wires spread out in the fabric. For those with double or queen size beds, there are some electric blankets that come with dual controllers, to allow those on both sides of the bed to set their preferred temperatures.

Our electric blankets range feature different heat settings that you can choose from. The heat setting is adjusted by using the controller, which can either hang loose or be attached to the mattress itself. Most people find that the highest heat setting is more than enough to keep nice and snug, and could even feel too hot. The general consensus is that the lower settings are perfect for keeping you just warm enough to survive those winter nights.

How do Electric Throw Rugs work?

Electric Throw Rugs, or Heated Throw Rugs, feel like the ultimate in wintertime luxury. Electric throw rugs are essentially a snugglier version of the electric blanket. Rather than the products designed to warm up your bed, these are more like a traditional blanket you can wrap around you and cuddle up on the lounge with.

Not only are electric throw rugs cuddly and cozy, they are far easier on your electricity bill than turning on a space heater and warming up the entire room.