10 Pack Detox Patches


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• Invest in your health with our Green Detox Foot Patches
• Helps naturally draws out toxins from your body while you sleep
• Easy to use – simply place on your feet overnight & watch the results
• May assist with a number of health symptoms (see below)
• Includes FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide
• $10 Flat Rate Worldwide Shipping – place an order here

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How to use Detox Foot Pads
Please click through the images above for instructions on how to use our Detox Patches

Made from 100% Natural/Organic Ingredients
• 35% Wood Vinegar Extract
• 35% Bamboo Vinegar Extract
• 3% Chitin/Chitosan
• 3% Black Tourmaline Powder
• 2% Vitamin C
• 5% Vegetable Fiber
• 2% Minus Ion Powder
• 15% Dextrin

How to make the most out of Detox Patches
• Placing your Detox Patches at the top of your soles may assist with the relief of symptoms relating to your head/brain, teeth/sinuses, eyes, ears, tapezius, pituitary, throat, nose, neck, lungs/chest, arms, armpits, shoulders, trapezius, cervical spine, thyroid/bronchia, esophagus and solar plexus
• Placing your Detox Patches at the top of your soles may assist with the relief of symptoms relating to your liver, gall bladder, kidneys, diaphragm, stomach, adrenals, pancreas and duodenum
• Placing your Detox Patches at the top of your soles may assist with the relief of symptoms relating to your leg knees, ascending colon, small intestine, appendix, sciatic nerve, lower back/gluteal area, sacrum, rectum, bladder and ureter
• To achieve an even greater cleansing overnight, place multiple detox patches on your soles. Placing multiple detox patches on your feet may assist in a faster removal of toxins from your body and relief of symptoms

Customer Testimonials
• “I have recently bought your detox patches and my family and I are having great results with detoxing and my husband’s sore neck” – Megan
• “My friend recently had me try your detox foot patches. Very happy with the results!” – Jenny
• “Don’t knock them until you try them! These detox patches rock!!” – Rachel
• “Detox Patches Australia’s detox patches are amazing. My family and I are enjoying improved sleep and health. Thank you!” – Clive
• “Forget the rest, these detox patches are truly the best I have tried” – Cecilia
• “I was sceptical about trying detox patches. I have tried everything to snap out of my state of constant tiredness and feeling sluggish. A naturopath friend recommended that I tried detox patches. Within less than a week’s use, I think I have had the best night’s sleep in years, and I am feeling on top of my game. Thank you so much.” – Sam
• “We have three children who are on the ASD spectrum who have difficulty with sleeping and are a handful at the best times. We have been informed that our children are overloaded with toxins and that they needed to be extracted. We tried detox patches and they have done wonders. We have noticed that our kids are much better behaved. Before they would wake me up at 3am… now they are sleeping in until 7am. Thank you!!” – Vicki
• “I regularly purchase my detox patches from this website. I can’t live without them!” – Brook
• “I just want to say thank you so much for the patches. They are amazing. I am a kinesiologist and have been recommending them to family and friends and many have had fabulous results from the detox. I have sent some overseas also and again with amazing results, knee pains gone, back pain gone…..goes on and on. So I seem to run out of the patches very soon! Many thanks again for a wonderful product.” – Cecilia