Bird Cage 140cm Aviary Budgies Parrots Finches Canaries


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• Bird Cage 140cm Aviary Budgies Parrots Finches Canaries
• Wrought iron with powder coated finish
• Large access door with secured locks
• 2 x small side access door
• Slide out removable bottom tray
• Fitted with 4 wooden perches
• Comes with 4 food/ water bowls
• Bottom shelf for extra storage space
• Castor wheels for maximum mobility
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


Spoil your birds with this spacious designed bird cage! You might not love to cage your birds; but to keep them safe from danger, it is sometimes the only way to do this. It is always better to get one with ample room to move around and spread their wings, plus to fit in their toys, ladder, swings and perches as well.

With our high quality and durable wrought iron made, it is sure to be a long lasting one to have. Together with a couple of useful features, it’s there to make your bird’s life as enjoyable as possible and convenient for you to manage at the same time.

Either you’re a bird owner or planning to get a bird as a pet, having a bird cage is always a wise choice!


Material: Wrought iron
Accessories: 4 x perches & 4 x food/ water bowls
Bar spacing: 1.2cm approx.
Without stand dimensions: 93 x 57 x 103cm
Overall dimensions: 93 x 57 x 140cm