Cat Kitten Toy 82cm Scratching Post Grey


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• Cat Kitten Toy 82cm Scratching Post Grey
• Stable wooden construction
• Natural sisal posts and soft plush cover
• Dual-level design with ample play areas
• Great for spots with view
• Post with ramp
• Portable design
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


Cats like tall spots as a safe perch, which makes this cat tree an ideal spot for them to enjoy their nature-watching. It becomes their favourite spot when it’s place near windows or porches. For kitties or elder cats, they all love a good view to look outside.

Cat loves angled ramps because it gives their claws the opportunity to work out. The steep ramp let your cats climb, run and jump on anytime. Built with durable frame and non-skid base, it’s a really good one for your cats to play with.

Besides a good scratcher, cats need a comfy sleeping spot as well. Surfaced with premium carpet fabric, it is ultra soft to sleep on. Guarantee your cats will love it!


Frame: Fir wood
Cover: Plush velvet
Post: Natural sisal
Overall dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 82cm