Packing Cubes 5 Pieces Blue


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• Packing Cubes 5 Pieces Blue
• 5 storage bags
• Lightweight polyester material
• Water-resistant
• Open mesh design
• Well-ventilated
• Durable zippers
• Extra strong seams
• Strong carry handle
• Includes FREE Luggage Tag
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


Packing cells are the greatest travel innovation to hit the tarmac since wheelable suitcases were invented almost 50 years ago. Packing cubes, if you haven’t heard of them yet, will revolutionise the way you pack. No, we’re not just saying that to make some bold statement and catch your attention. We mean it.

These little cubes of zippered goodness will give you back some of your sanity while you travel! They help you to stay organized, keep your belongings compact, and find what you need in record time from the abyss of your backpack.


Cube 1: 37 cm x 30 cm
Cube 2: 37 cm x 27 cm
Cube 3: 31 cm x 27 cm
Cube 4: 29 cm x 19 cm
Cube 5: 26 cm x 20 cm