Pillow 2 Pack 19cm Memory Foam


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• Pillow 2 Pack 19cm Memory Foam
• 100% Visco elastic memory foam
• High density memory foam
• Even support for the neck and shoulders
• Balanced weight distribution
• Reduces pressure points
• Highly breathable
• Removable jacquard knitting fabric cover with zipper
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Shipping Australia Wide


Luxurious, comfortable, supportive and durable. That is what you can always expect from our pillow range. No exceptions. No compromises. From our soft and fluffy Feathers and Down pillows to our innovative Memory Foam Pillows to our high resilient Natural Latex Pillows, each piece is meticulously made with close attention to details for maximum comfort, support and longevity. Not least, the Pillows are also hygienically manufactured and vaccum packed for freshness. So don’t just settle for any pillow. Awake refreshed and rejuvenated. Rest assured, every morning is good.