Replacement Ceramic Dome Cartridge Activated Carbon


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• Replacement Ceramic Dome Cartridge Activated Carbon
• Diatomite ceramic filter is made of 95% of diatomite
• Ingredients carefully processed
• Ceramic technology and European raw material (80%)
• The ceramic filter contains silver, which is a natural bactericide
• Every ceramic filter is pressure checked to ensure there is no leakage
• Ceramic cups are not pressed to allow for good flow rate. Anything larger than 0.5 microns is guaranteed to not pass through
• Economical
• Activated Carbon will first treat your water and the source and decrease the coloration and odour
• High grade ceramic filters (Filter down to 0.5 Microns) will give you a faster water flow rate
• Suitable for use in gravity filters
• Filters the following contaminants that regular ceramic filters do not remove:
– Pathogenic bacteria, cryptosporidium, guiardia: 99.99% Purification
– Chlorine (improve taste & odour): 98%
– Organics
– Heavy Metals (mainly leads)
– Herbicides @ 1.2ppb presence
– Insecticides @ 1.2ppb presence
• Please check your water filter system size first before ordering
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide



Product size: width 4″ (10cm) x height 4″(10cm)
Filter precision: 0.5 micron
Flow rate: 0.5L/h
PH range: 5.5-9.5
Minimum working pressure: 1 bar