Vanilla Pure Essential Oil 10ml


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• Vanilla Pure Essential Oil 10ml
• 100% Pure & Natural
• Perfect for oil diffusers!
• Lowers blood pressure
• Alleviates muscle tension
• Has a calming effect on the brain
• Assists with stress, insomnia and irritability
• Is very easy to use
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


Vanilla is well known for its sweet luxurious enticing smell and it’s multitude of versatile uses around the world. While vanilla makes some delicious mouth-watering desserts, smooth refreshing sodas, and truly mesmerizing perfume scents, one of its absolute best uses by far is the endless list of both mental and physical health benefits vanilla oil brings to the table. Now conveniently available in Vitamin C cartridges for both the Aroma Sense wall fixture and handheld shower head, you can submerge yourself in all of these benefits on a daily basis.