Weighted Blanket


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• Weighted Blanket
• 100% premium cotton cover
• Ultra-soft and breathable
• High density eco-friendly glass beads filling
• 5-layer comfort
• Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS)
• Evenly-distributed weight
• Stimulate pressure points
• Close-fitting to body shape
• Self-adaptive to any sleeping posture
• Improve sleep quality
• Excellent sewing technology
• Nice and secure stitching
• Leakage prevention
• Four-band edges
• Versatile use
• Kids and adult sizes
• Optional blanket cover
• Machine washable
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Shipping Australia Wide


The science behind better sleep lies with this Bedding Weighted Blanket. It uses the therapeutic power of Deep Touch Pressure Simulation (DTPS) to stimulate pressure points throughout the body, thereby contributing to enhanced sleep, mood and relaxation. Our weighted blanket is engineered to be between 8% and 15% of your body weight to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being hugged or held. This boosts serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels improving your heart rate and blood pressure. In short, you get healthier sleep and awake feeling refershed and re-invigorated. Made of 100% cotton for the top and 100% microfibre for the bottom, the weighted blanket is filled with polyester and glass beads to create the right amount of pressure for a soothing hugging sensation. The weighted blanklet is also close-fitting and conforms to your body shape and adapts to any sleeping posture easily. Not least, its excellent leak-proof stitching and 5-layer comfort ensures that the weighted blanket is ever so durable and comfortable with every use. The weighted blanket is machine washable for total convenience. Available in four different weights to suit your comfort. Better still, we now have a machine-washable 100% cotton blanket zipped cover made especially for your weighted blanket. It has eight ties to keep the blanket in place within the cover. With two colours and in both kids and adult sizes, the blanket cover is available in-store as an optional purchase.


Top cover material: 100% cotton
Bottom cover material: 100% microfibre
Filling material: Polyester and glass beads
Children size: 76cm x 102cm (2.3kg weight)
Adult size: 152cm x 203cm (5kg/ 7kg/ 9kg weight)

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Adult 152cm x 203cm (5kg), Adult 152cm x 203cm (7kg), Adult 152cm x 203cm (9kg), Children 76cm x 102cm (2.3kg)